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Is overjoyed to share her artistic expressions with collectors from all over the US. Having lived all over the world, she is happy to call historic downtown Wetumpka, Alabama "home'. 

She dabbles in a variety of art forms, including crude-knife acrylic     (with her Grandmother's silver butter knife), mixed-media, collage, action -painting, clay and papier mache. She believes in out-of-the-box creative thinking, and free-flowing self-expression.  

Since relocating to the beautiful state of Alabama from Colorado, her focus has been on producing her own unique artwork, as well as producing a multitude of commissioned pieces. Her artwork is created with the idea that JOY can be expressed through line. color and texture, and this is evident in her renderings.   

She is the proud owner of the "Big Fish House" in historic downtown Wetumpka (movie set for Tim Burton's movie "Big Fish") and is proud to live in  the iconic southern home. ​
She welcomes the opportunity to do commissioned pieces for collectors.  Mulitudes of people across the US own pieces of her work that reflect her studio's motto "WHERE PAINT MEETS JOY".

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