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Big Fish Art Studio
Shellie Phelps Whitfield

where paint meets joy

Discover Big Fish Art 

Step into the realm of artist Shellie Phelps Whitfield, where art knows no boundaries and creativity flourishes. Shellie draws inspiration from her diverse background and her unwavering belief in thinking creatively outside the box.


Calling the 'City of Natural Beauty' home, Shellie breathes inspiration from the beautiful surroundings of the south. She believes that joy can be found in every brushstroke, every color, and every texture. The mission of the Big Fish Art Studio is to ignite that joy within you, as we explore the endless possibilities of artistic creation.


Through a variety of art forms, including mixed media, collage, painting, and sculpture, Shellie infuses her creations with a vibrant energy that captivates the soul. Each piece is a testament to the power of colors, lines, and textures to evoke joy and spark the imagination.

Welcome to our world of boundless creativity and artistic wonder.

Big Fish Art for You

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