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Shellie the Artist

Shellie Phelps Whitfield - Artist Extraordinaire

Shellie Phelps Whitfield is a multifaceted artist whose creative journey is a testament to her boundless creativity and dedication to self-expression. Having lived and traveled all over the world, Shellie now proudly calls historic downtown Wetumpka, Alabama, her creative haven.

As an award-winning outsider artist, Shellie has captured the hearts of collectors across the United States with her distinctive artistic expressions. Her artistic repertoire knows no bounds, encompassing various mediums such as crude-knife acrylic (using her grandmother's silver butter knife), watercolor, ink,  mixed media, collage, action painting, clay, and papier-mâché. Shellie firmly believes in breaking the creative mold and expressing herself freely through her art. Her work emanates joy through its intricate use of lines, colors, and textures, embodying her studio's motto: "WHERE PAINT MEETS JOY."

Shellie Whitfield's art is a vibrant and unique reflection of her inner world, and her dedication to self-expression has made her a prominent figure in the creative world. Her captivating artwork continues to inspire and uplift those who encounter it, leaving an enduring mark on the art community.

Commissioning Art by Shellie Phelps Whitfield:
If you are captivated by Shellie Phelps Whitfield's distinctive artistic style and wish to bring her joy-filled creations into your life or workspace, consider commissioning a piece of art that speaks to your heart. Shellie is always open to producing commissioned works that encapsulate her studio's motto, "WHERE PAINT MEETS JOY." Whether it's a personalized artwork for your home or a distinctive piece for your business, Shellie's ability to create works that not only represent something meaningful, but also evoke emotion.   Reach out to her today to embark on a collaborative journey resulting in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece tailored to your vision and passion.

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