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Shellie the Speaker

Shellie Phelps Whitfield - Community Development Professional and Public Speaker

In her professional life, Shellie Phelps Whitfield is an unparalleled force in the realm of community and economic development. As the Executive Director of the Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce and as a passionate community change-maker, she has played a pivotal role in revitalizing Wetumpka, Alabama.

In her personal life, Shellie has faced a multitude of challenges that have taught her to have the courage and faith to step into the dark unknown, regardless of how terrifying it may seem.  She is an adoptive mother and creative business owner, who believes in the power of serendipity, and constantly strives to be her most authentic and unique self.  

Shellie's expertise in fostering community growth through the arts is truly remarkable. She has become a recognized authority on the subject, and her speaking engagements have taken her all across the United States. Her talks inspire and empower audiences with insights into the transformative power of art in revitalizing small towns and creating stronger, more vibrant communities. Her message of “What makes you different is actually your superpower”, resonates with every age group, organization, and community that hears her. 

As a community development cheerleader, Shellie's dedication to her work has left an enduring impact on Wetumpka, Elmore County, and the state of Alabama. Her ability to seamlessly blend artistry and leadership has made her a beacon of hope for communities seeking revitalization and growth.

Shellie Phelps Whitfield's journey is an inspiring testament to the boundless potential of individuals who dare to dream and act on their passions. Her legacy is one of creativity, growth, and inspiration, both in the realm of art and in the field of community development and public speaking.

Booking Shellie Phelps Whitfield as a Speaker:
Are you seeking an engaging and inspirational speaker to bring your event or organization to new heights? Shellie Phelps Whitfield's compelling insights into the transformative power of art in community revitalization are sure to leave a lasting impact on your audience. Her wealth of experience as an artist and community development expert makes her a sought-after speaker, and her talks resonate with diverse audiences nationwide. Whether you're organizing a corporate event, a community gathering, or an educational seminar, Shellie's passion and expertise will inspire and motivate the listeners. Contact Shellie today to inquire about booking her as a speaker and embark on a journey of inspiration, creativity, and community enrichment.

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